Effortless and safe treatment process

Treatment plan

In the first appointment the dentist will take impressions either digitally or with an impression tray of the patient’s teeth and send them to laboratory. Within a month the dentist will present the treatment plan (including a video animation and 3D pictures) to the patient. The treatment plan will show in detail the phases of the treatment and the expected end result. The production of the aligners begins once the patient and the dentist have approved the treatment plan and the order for alignment trays has been placed.

Orthodontic treatment

Two weeks after the aligner order has been placed, the aligners will arrive at the dental office. At the next appointment the dentist will affix small attachments on some of the teeth. These grip surfaces will help the trays to guide the teeth into desired direction. At the same appointment, you will receive the clear aligners and a scanning device needed to monitor the treatment. The scanning device represents the latest artificial intelligence technology in dentistry, with which our medical staff monitors the progress of Lumiliner treatment in real time.

Final control and retention

When the treatment has finished, the dentist inspects the end result. At this final appointment the dentist decides what sort of retention the end result requires in order to prevent the teeth retracting back to their original position. The most common retainers are retainer trays and retention wires on the inner surface of the teeth.

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